Friday, May 8

Urban Places, Rural Spaces

Photo credit: Robert Llewellyn
I stopped by the Urban places, Rural Spaces exhibit at the Charlottesville Community Design Center on the Downtown Mall. Very nice.

The exhibit demonstrates how creating vibrant urban areas and protecting beautiful and productive rural areas are hardly mutually exclusive goals. This is a great message that, for all its simplicity, I think is not understood very well.

I noticed that Albemarle County planners are leading a discussion as part of the exhibit on the evening of May 14th. Wouldn't it be cool if this was joint led by City and County planners? That would be a tangible representation of the city-county cooperation that is truly necessary to work toward enhancing both of these very different living environments.

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Steve Mouzon said...

Excellent topic! I've been pushing an idea for several years that I call Permanent Land Preservation. The basic idea is very simple... take the prevailing density of sprawl in a place. Maybe it's 1 unit/acre gross. So if a town needs 1,000 new units, that would require 1,000 acres. But if you can provide those 1,000 new units in 150 acres instead, then you've permanently preserved 850 acres somewhere in the market shed of that town. Actually, it's not completely permanent, but rather, for as long as the 1,000 units remain inhabited... which if it's good urbanism, could be for several centuries.
~Steve Mouzon