Wednesday, September 24

An Urban Tyson's Corner

The Washington Post reports that Fairfax County has approved a plan to urbanize Tyson's Corner.

Tyson's Corner was featured in Joel Garreau's 1991 book Edge Cities, Life on the New Frontier as the archetype of an edge city. These gleaming office towers scattered along a freeway interchange were deemed to be the "information age 21st-century nodes where the majority of Americans now live, work, play, pray, socialize, grow up and grow old."

But now it actually is the 21st-century and the original edge city is due for an extreme makeover. Is it too much to say that this is a transition of epochal significance? I guess we'll have to see how the transit lines, tree-lined boulevards, and art festivals actually play out.

Photo credit: Coalition for Smarter Growth

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