Wednesday, September 3

A look at pedestrian safety

This week, the Charlottesville city council spent some time discussing techniques to help pedestrians feel more comfortable crossing. Charlottesville Tomorrow has the audio recording of the meeting.

Here are the ten proposals that were approved by the council:

1. “No matter what we do from a physical standpoint, without education we are wasting our time and money” A public relations campaign educating pedestrians about safe crossing and drivers’ awareness.

2. Enforcement from the police department.

3. Work toward American Disability Association (ADA) compliance. Install more understandable crosswalks to help the disabled community.

4. Use Zebra-striped crosswalks. More visible than brick, if not as aesthetically pleasing. (Councilmen Huja thought bricks might actually be more visible. I kind of agree, as least subjectively)

5. All signals at every location should be uniform push-button. Now different styles are used for different places, and it can be confusing.

6. Hand-man signal at every location. No longer walk-don’t walk. (picture from Am New York)

7. Countdowns on all intersections.

8. Eventually, install audible crossing signals everywhere, but start at a few locations (downtown, university hospital, across main street).

9. Install LED flashing crosswalks at six locations (matched with six more from the university).

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