Thursday, July 22

The kinds of places we used to build

I snapped this photo of the Church Hill neighborhood in Richmond the other day and immediately wanted to live there.


Sean Yeager said...

And so you should! Where were you when you took the shot? It's not an everyday angle.

Daniel Nairn said...

Photo was taken from Jefferson Park looking southeast. Nice views of downtown from there too.

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to live in a neighborhood like that as well - but while still living in suburbia. We chose a new nieghborhood in Crozet - at the foothills of the blue ridge mountains.

Eric Orozco said...

Sometimes you just know it when you see it. :)

Hey but this photo is a good illustration of things Jane would have liked in a residential district. Looks like 60% or more residential land coverage for effective density. Every building unique, a diversity of ages, with some apartments and...maybe some mixed use in there in the back? Obviously, frequent streets and small blocks. Things critical to generate diversity. I like to play the "What would Jane like?" game a lot...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo. I live in Church Hill and right down the street from Jefferson Park. The area still has such a bad reputation with Richmonders but it has amazing character. I wish more people felt the same as you and would give the area try.

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