Monday, May 11

Three short films and one not-short film

I've run into some great, short videos out there in the last week, so I thought I would collect a few and share.

This one was made for Kansas City as part of a City-wide ImagineKC campaign. I found it via Worldchanging and was immediately impressed by the potential this medium has for visualizing urban Transit-oriented Development projects anywhere. Made me want to move there, for sure.

Imagine KC from Arnold Imaging on Vimeo.

This video, from the good people at StreetFilms, describes the habitat of the Zozo, an endangered purple creature that used to inhabit the streets of New York. They have been driven out by cars, but new efforts to restore livable streets may help restore the Zozo population. I love how they got Kenneth Jackson involved on this. I hope this is just the first in a series ...

This video just won the 2009 video contest for the Congress for New Urbanism conference.

Finally a not-so-short film (52 minutes)
"Have you ever thought of Metro as a tool for transformation? Well five decades ago, Arlington did ..."
Arlington County, VA has just produced a well-done documentary on the very intentional path they took toward becoming a model transit-oriented development community. I found this film via Smart Growth America, who also has some good background figures on the county.

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