Tuesday, September 23

Minimum parking for bars

Dave from the blog Urban Milwaukee digs up this interesting zoning ordinance from Franklin, Wisconsin.

Minimum Required Parking Spaces per 1,000 Square Feet of Floor Area
Other Required Standard(s)
for Off-Street Parking Spaces

Bar or Tavern
Or 1 space per 2 seats or stools, plus 1 space
per employee, whichever is greater

What's the subtext of this law?

It's that you're expected to drive to and from the bar - as simple as that. If any of the patrons choose to walk, bus, or even organize a designated driving pool, this parking lot will remain underutilized. I suppose lemonade must be the drink of choice in the Milwaukee area (although, to be fair, I wouldn't doubt this language pops up in other municipalities around the country).

What happens when zoning encourages and accommodates drinking and driving while federal law prohibits it? Maybe there ought to be more coordination between governing bodies to reconcile this one. It could be confusing for the public.


Dave said...

Thanks for the article! And although I picked on Franklin, WI these type of zoning laws exists in cities and suburbs throughout the country. It is simply amazing how our laws say exactly the opposite of what we expect of people.

J.W. said...

Might I suggest on this front Daniel Shoup's excellent book The High Cost of Free Parking?