Thursday, August 21

Charlottesville pedestrian mall

I snapped some photos of the pedestrian mall yesterday morning. I really do think it is one of the better public spaces in the United States.

The fountain by Zo-ca-lo cafe is a great place to sit and read, relax, or catch up with friends.

Across the street, a crane looms above two banks. The new Landmark hotel is under construction.

Hundreds of tables in the center are awaiting the summer evening crowds.

Bicycles stack up outside the Obama headquarters. You have to walk your bike on the mall.

The municipal government offices are also right on the mall.

Thomas Jefferson would be proud of the "free speech wall" erected on the east end of the mall. I also wonder if some controlled chaos here may help deter graffiti on other walls.

Finally, the outdoor pavilion music venue anchors the end of the mall.


J.W. said...

I'm not sure what it is about the pedestrian mall in C-ville, but it's always felt a little artificial and contrived to me. I mostly like pedestrian malls, including the one in Burlington, VT and the one here in Nashville, but something just doesn't appeal to me about C-ville's. Perhaps it's the undergraduate flavor of it.

Daniel Nairn said...

Could be. The Undergraduates just arrived yesterday, so I'm curious to see if the vibe changes there at all.

The mall could also use some more "normal" shops. It's mostly cafes and boutiques, with a drugstore here and there.

I have never been to Nashville. Some day I'll have to see it.