Saturday, September 1

A Stop on the Tour de Fat

New Belgium Brewery's Tour de Fat came through Missoula today and provided an enjoyable afternoon of crazy bikes and beer. The purpose of the event was to promote bicycle transportation as an environmentally-friendly alternative, and they gave away a free bicycle to my coworker's roommate for agreeing to donate his car and get by without it. All of the alcohol proceeds were given to three local non-profits, Mountain Bike Missoula (recreational bicycling advocates), Free Cycles, and Missoula in Motion.

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Dan Tasman said...

I hate contacting people through blog forms, but there's no other way to do it when there's no contact information in the blog. Sorry.

Anyhow, in one of my periodic hunts for new urban planning-related blogs and planning-related sites, I noticed that a link to Cyburbia (http://www . cyburbia . org ; breaking my link because this isn’t blog spam) was not included in your linkroll. Cyburbia was founded in 1994, and is the Internet’s oldest continuously operating planning-related Web site; it functions today as a portal, forum and social networking site for planners and others interested in the built environment.

A few years ago, when a new planning-related Web site was created, and there was a link page or linkroll, Cyburbia was almost always included. Today, it’s more often the exception. We’re trying to figure out why: if others don’t know about it, if it’s considered not worthy of a link for some reason, or if it’s something else.

Considering you have links to Planetizen and many other sites, it would be nice to have equal time. :)


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