Friday, June 12

Housekeeping on Comments

It was just brought to my attention that I do not accept comments from non-Google users. Oops. This was certainly not an attempt to be exclusive or to discourage anyone from weighing in. I just hadn't revisited my settings for a long, long time.

I've now opened the comments up to anyone. I don't foresee myself getting on any power trips and squashing dissenting opinions - if anything, it would be great to get into some constructive dialog around here. I would enjoy that. But if you really just want to let me know how to make $75 an hour selling ads to Google, I'd like you to at least think of a creative way to weave it into the topic of discussion.


Anonymous said...

I feel I have to offer a dissenting opinion here and disagree with how you are allowing me to post this anonymous comment.

Daniel said...

Alright. You got me on that one.

LH said...

Daniel - I will endeavor to do more commenting on your blog, which I have found very informative. You've enriched my blog with your comments; I may not measure up to that standard, but at the least I won't try to sell you erectile dysfunction drugs or ask you to help me wire money from the Prime Minister of Nigeria!

goof houlihan said...

I've liked this blog from the beginning, not necessarily endorsing all the views expressed, but it's an intelligent discussion of the issues, with good examples.

I'm glad you opened it up. Hopefully it won't be spammed.

Abigail Gonzalez said...

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