Monday, March 23

Two different lawn strategies

From flickr user PhilTizzani
The town of Perris, California, which sits right in the middle of California's "inland empire," has decided to paint lawns of foreclosed houses green, as part of a larger effort to keep up appearances in quickly hemorrhaging neighborhoods. The paint is biodegradable, and it will last for six months. Each lawn will cost $550 to paint.

On the other side of the county, Michelle Obama has broken ground on a vegetable garden on the White House lawn. The garden will help provide food for White House meals, as well as a local soup kitchen. The garden will occupy a quarter of an acre of the White House lawn, which is slightly larger than the average lawn size in America.

From the Washington Post,
"The 1,100-square-foot garden, the first of its kind since Eleanor Roosevelt planted a victory garden during World War II, will grow dozens of vegetables, berries and herbs. The collection of crops, a wish list from White House kitchen staff, will include lettuces, squash, fennel, rhubarb, cucumbers and sweet and hot peppers."

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