Tuesday, April 15

On to Virginia

I've accepted enrollment in the University of Virginia school of architecture for an MA in urban and environmental planning. I chose this school not only because of its good reputation, but also because the department espouses a vision for cities and land use that fits well with my own emerging vision.

"The trademark of our program is an abiding concern for sustainable communities signified by our inclusive urban AND environmental planning title. Our faculty values environments where countrysides are productive and appropriately protected, where cities have vital centers and efficient means of movement, and where neighborhoods offer opportunities for all to live affordably and safely. We are as much concerned with the economy and issues of equity as we are with the environment."

Yes, and yes. I believe that the next two years will help me fine-tune some of the thoughts that have been bouncing around this blog and learn how to put them to work in practical ways.


Zed said...

You mean you're going to that other university of Virginia? I hear there's a mighty fine establishment just down the road a bit further ... go Hokies!

Congrats Daniel.

Corbin said...


Yes, I'm in the MUEP program at UVA. Thanks for dropping by my blog, and if you have any questions about next year feel free to drop me a line.

I'm Spatial

J.W. said...

sorry, it's been awhile since i've visited your blog, but serious congrats are in order! incidentally, i was just informed last week that i got into Vanderbilt's religious studies program with funding for Fall '08, after thinking for awhile that the Ph.D. option was foreclosed for next year. So, hooray for you and hooray for me! I expect great things from you in the future, as I've been really impressed with what I've seen on your blog so far.